AI Studio for Your Brand’s Shootings

Get professional shootings for your brand in our AI Studio. Upload photos, create AI products and shoot them in the perfect setting.

  • 👗 Create photorealistic AI products
  • 📸 Take 100% AI photos in any setting or pose
  • ❤️ Do photo shoots for your Instagram, web, or ads

How it works:

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Create your own AI products

Create branded content with artificial intelligence by training your own AI products. Simply upload a collection of 30 diverse photos, capturing different locations, situations, times, and outfits. Those images will train the AI to replicate your product in any setting.

You only need to train your AI product once which takes about 30 minutes.

Design photorealistic scenes

Create any scene you can think of, whether it's an everyday setting or a breathtaking moment. Set your AI products in a 1920s cafe in Paris or a moonlit Bali beach, all without leaving your home.

Just describe what you want, and the AI will quickly generate a realistic photo to match your vision. It currently takes less than 60 seconds to produce a photo.

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Frequently asked questions

Can the AI create my products?

Yes, though it has some current limitations. Text, logos, buttons, zips, and complex patterns are challenging for the AI.

How much will the photos look like my product?

The resemblance of the photos depends on the quality and variety of the photos you upload. The better and more varied your photos, the more accurately the AI can understand and represent your product. We keep improving our models every day.

How much does Dreamshot cost?

Right now the Pro plan costs $29/mo, the Premium plan $99/mo and the Business plan $299/mo. You get 2 months free if you subscribe annually. You can cancel at any time.

Who owns the pictures?

You do. We grant you full commercial license and ownership over your photos. We don't use them for any other purpose than training our AI model.

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